Friday, March 11, 2016

The Lady's Hat Shop

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi, Everybear.  Missy is in the kitchen helping Mom make carrot cupcakes so I will show you what Mom has been working on. 
Several years ago Mom was introduced to Cynthia Howe Miniatures, at the time she had a 
Mad Hatters Club, beautiful period hats to make (from scratch).  Having made several and then packing them away Mom decided to do another room box (that too had been packed away) to display the hats.  One thing know the rest.  Wanting to try making a doll Mom signed up for another of Cynthia's classes, Choosing A Hat, all that you received was the porcelain head, hands, and feet, everything else you made, she also is in the room box.   Mom "hung" the wallpaper, left from another project, and the floor is real wood, sanded and varnished.  Baseboard and crown molding painted white.
Let's just say it with pictures
Box came painted, just a few minutes to assemble and glue.
Wallpapering done, oak flooring ready to go in, this time Mom used flooring by the sheet, she has hand cut and laid individual cherry wood planks in the larger room boxes.
Next came the dreaded miter box work.  Mom cannot figure out the direction of the cuts, in all these years of making mini rooms she just can't get the hang of it - or should I say the angle of it - giggle.  So she calls Carpenter Dad for the cuts.
Hats and Hat Boxes from The Mad Hatters Club.  The furniture came as kits.
And finally, a lovely customer trying on hats.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our hat shop come to life.  Thank you for dropping in, and we wish you a most wonderful "almost" spring weekend.  Don't forget about the time change this weekend.
Heaps of Hugs



  1. I love it, Prudence. It is lovely, thanks for sharing.
    Mama Bear and Wil

  2. Hi Prudence, This is incredible and I love it. Such beautiful details. Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasure handmade from your mom's awesome talents. Have a nice weekend. xo

  3. Hello to both Of You,Prudence and Mommy. What fun and such pretty hats. I've seen a lot of miniature house boxes,never saw one filled with beautiful hats.My daughter and I did a country Christmas store box when She was a preteen. I want to think both of You too for encouraging Me to continue blogging.I will try to reach deep for some inspiration.Hugs Auntie Denise PS Be a good bear now.


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