Friday, July 22, 2016

Little Chef

It's Funny Friday
by Vlad

Hello, my little lovelies, and how are you this wonderful Friday?
Look who arrived here - all the way from Italy

Little Chef by

Isn't she the cutest?  She holds a little sponge cake on a cake plate, and a loaf of fresh baked bread.  Along with this little angel came a sticker of one of the Elves, a sweet smelling sachet bag, AND a precious picture of Chicco, the family puppy.

We are so excited and Little Chef has the place of honor in our kitchen (away from harm or danger) and oversees all our new recipes.  Chicco's photo is with our puppy photos so we can enjoy seeing him anytime we want.  The sticker - when Prudence gets home from summer camp she can pick a place to "stick" him so we all can enjoy looking at him.
Have a great weekend, look up - maybe you will see me flying over your house.
Lots of Love,


  1. little Chef is just adorable! What a lovely gift all the way from Italy!
    Love the sunglasses Vlad!

  2. What a special gift and I'm sure the Little Chef will be there every time food is shared with us.
    Thank you for being so faithful to post in Prudence's absence...

  3. Cute little chef to add to Your kitchen and how sweet of You to add Chicco to blog.So nice of Vlad to hold down the fort.Vlad,You do look so dashing.Hugs Auntie Denise


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