Friday, May 26, 2017


It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

I got nothin', not one single funny, no story, nothin' in this fiberfill head of mine.

See you next Friday, by then I will have a clear head, hahahahahahaha

Heaps of Hugs


  1. Maybe this weather has affected your head.

  2. It's OK, Prudence, we all have those fiberfill days!! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh you are too cute. It's okay to take the time to clear your head. haha Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend. xoxo

  4. Oh my! Prudence you make me smile even if your fiberfill isnt quite right. We all have these days. I dont have any fiberfill for my excuse. I am empty headed. You would probably have to use a magnifying glass to find my pea sized brain. There! Thats my excuse.❤️


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