Friday, May 19, 2017

From Aunt Kathy

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

"Aunt Kathy sent these to us, Flora"
"Yeah, she's tryin' to win us over 'cause we're mad at her for giving Prudence that blankie and not bringing us anything"
"She told Mom she was makin' somethin' for us, do you believe that one"
"Naw, me neither"

Here is a new nor-na-ment that Mom made for our craft show in November.  She made 5 but said she will take orders before and after the show.
It's called "Wishing Upon A Star"
Over 'n Out
LuLu and Flora


  1. Lulu and Flora, yo two are spunky little things! If I were a furry little creature of some sort, ! Would love to live in your household. It seems there is never a dull

  2. Lucky girls getting mittens. May be you girls should make something for Aunty Kath. Hugs Wilbur


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