Friday, June 2, 2017

Back and Refreshed

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence about an empty head - for the stuffing in me I couldn't think of anything to write about and we all know that Mom will NOT let LuLu and Flora write posts, they are just nasty little bears.

Speaking about nasty.....this is nasty when Mom sticks herself.

Mom is off to another felting class, I think she is making a wee, little piggy called "Flying Pig".  She decided not to put wings on her but to give her BIG airplane ears.  I think she will be coming home with piggy half done and then tomorrow will finish her.  I will post pictures next week.

I'll post the bunny she made in her first class and Mad Max Pumpkin Patch - he's a hoot, and he - no, I'll wait to tell you his story next week. 

Mom is working on a snowman applique which will be mounted on the inside of this bee-u-tee-ful cigar box.  Her neighbor, Mr. David, owns a tobacco shop and he brings these to Mom.  Mom has a special surprise not quite in the works for Mr. David and Mrs. Elaine.  First she has to learn the art form, it's fiber art painting and she has a tutorial online and will also take a live class as soon as it is available. 
Just finished
Wishing Upon A Star
is another of Mom's punch needle designs, she also did the scene in applique.

Heaps of Hugs


  1. Well you did find something to write about after all...liked seeing what your Mom is up to..
    Good to see you again,

  2. Prudence get the band aids ready. My Mum has pricked herself with felting needles more than once. The air went blue !!!!! Hugs Wilbur

  3. Great post and it sounds like your mom is busy having fun and creating beautiful designs. Have a wonderful weekend. xo


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