Friday, June 22, 2018

Act 1, Scene 9

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Act 1
Final Scene
As the curtain rises we see Vlad, as handsome as ever, not remembering his love for Madeline, but knowing in his heart he feels hatred for Beatrice Bee-Auch.
 Enter a new Eye Candy for Madeline.
"Miss Madeline, I am smitten by your beauty, will you have dinner with me?"
Why Mr. Rabbit, I would be delighted."

"My love, Vlad, you are all mine, forever and ever."
Not so fast, Beatrice, Minnie has a spell to break your evil on Vlad.
"Love and Hearts, please undo Vlad's spell of tarts"

"Gertie, Ben, Floranaze, Luceta, Rizzo, come quick, I broke the spell on Vlad!" 
"Oh Minnie, you did it.  Your Grandmother's good spell worked!

As the scene ends, the curtain falls on Act 1.

We will take a brief intermission, and then return with
Act 2

to be continued....

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