Friday, June 8, 2018

Scene 7

Funny Friday
by Prudence 

Scene 7
Take 1

As Scene 7 begins we see Beatrice Bee-Auch leaning over Vlad ( yes, it's the "leaning thing").

Whispers are head in the woods -
"Minnie, I feel that I'm losing Vlad forever."
"Oh, Madeline, I fear this is true but maybe it's not too late."

 Ben Black Bear enters -

"Girls, do you know what happens to a witch when she gets wet?"
"Oh Ben, please help us!"

As Beatrice secretly watches....

"You toads, you will never destroy me, but I will bring you all down!"
"Hocus Pokus, dogs and cats, I'll boil you all in my caldron of fats."

you know what comes now....
to be continued...

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