Saturday, July 7, 2018

As Act 2 unfolds......

Love Triangle Plus One Vulture

Act 2

As Act 1 closed we saw the evil Beatrice Bee-Auch return Vlad's necklace, erase all memory of his love for Madeline and claim him for herself.

But, unknown to Beatrice there is a plot brewing to destroy her forever. Miss Minnie found a good spell in her Grandmother's Book Of Good Spells and Potions, and the spell over Vlad was lifted. But now - the plot thickens.....they must destroy Beatrice.

Act 2 Scene 1 will begin with the secret plotting of destroying evil, more evil or kindness? Drowning Beatrice would be the easiest but this little group of good witches, bears, a rat, a lady vulture, a bunny, and a mouse only believes that kindness and love will change Beatrice.

Act 2 will only have 4 scenes, but....will there be an Act 3? Will there be a happy ending for Vlad? Or....the end of our beloved hero? Only time will tell.......

Until next Friday......"we'll be seein' you".

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