Friday, September 14, 2018

Cousin Agatha

It's Funny Friday
by Vlad and Cousin Agatha

Vlad here....
Cousin Agatha here...

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday.
We have been helping to decorate for autumn, and it's looking so festive and cozy.  Have you noticed how dark it is in the morning and how early the sun is setting?

Next week we'll show you some of our autumn decorations.

Cousin Agatha here....
Hello, new friends.  I am Agatha from Upstate NY, and arrived in Weaverville just over a week ago, and loving my new home.  
Vlad and Prudence have been showing me around and I am loving Mom's studio, there is so much to look at and admire.

The Rules
Always act like a Vulture Lady
No flying in the dining room
No plotting to do evil to Mom or Prudence
No practical jokes
(Well, those rules are a breeze to follow)

Until next week then
(Vlad I don't know how to sign my name, you know, say goodbye)

Let's say, until next week,
Vlad and Cousin Agatha
Got-it, thank you.

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