Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

Howdy, here we are, again, Mom is calling us "fluff heads".  We had a nice weekend, the house is all decorated for fall and looks nice n cozy.  We love the cozy feeling.  Have you noticed that the days are getting shorter?
This is very dark but we wanted to show you how it looks with the little lights on.

And the early mornings are a bit cooler.  We just inserted this miniature project of Mom's, kinda makes it exciting just thinking of the coming of fall.

We were very busy over the weekend, Mom is letting us practice taking pictures.  I am the oldest so I get to hold the camera and for now Sissy poses for pictures.
Well how was I to know that I had to stand perfectly still when pushing down on that button thing?  That is Sissy sitting on a pumpkin.
Okay, I stood very still but Mom didn't tell me I had to hold the camera straight.  I am not liking this picture taking thing at all.  )o:
Not very funny, Mom.  Okay, okay so I need more practice.  Boy, sometimes it's tough being me and having to listen to Mom.  Bet a teddy bear mommy wouldn't be so tough on me.  Hm, wonder if you can "trade in" Moms.  (o:
Yippee, I did it.  Mom said to just relax and just before I press the button thing to take a deep breath and hold it.  I did it....this is our little eating area between the kitchen and family room.  Grammy made the pretty tablecloth, and Mom found the cool placemats at Jo-Ann Fabrics a few years ago.
Okay, so Mom isn't so bad.  I guess I just have to be "beary" patient with her sometimes.  Ugh - grownups...

Well, I really have to run, so many things to do, so little time...

Heaps of Hugs
(Little dummy Sissy is still sitting on that pumpkin, giggle, I told her she had to "hold that pose", what a little dummy, hahahahahahaha.)   

Oh boy, am I in big trouble.  Mom walked into the family room and little Sister had fallen asleep on that stupid pumpkin.  Mom was way too quiet, she picked Sister up and laid her on the chair next to the fireplace, the poor little thing was so tired she never even woke up.
"Little Sissy, I am so sorry, I was just having some fun, I do love you."

I'm being punished, I can't play in the craft room for 2 whole days.  So what, I'll find something else to do.

See ya....


  1. Love the pumpkin table decor Joyce!

    You better tell those bears to stop horsing around or they'll break something. LOL!!

    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  2. Tell Mom the decoration is beautiful!!! And you have done a great job with the photos.
    Your little poor sister is surely thinking about revenge, isn't she??? (giggle)

  3. Prudence, you remind me of my sister. She was always doing silly things to me. I wish you wouldn't call Sissy Dumb. She is a sweet little bear.

    The decorations for fall are beautiful. I love the table setting.

    Banned from the craft room for two days. I hope you can redeem yourself.

    Big hugs to you sisters and Mom.

  4. Oh what a nice table setting, I love those plates. Tell me more about the Praying in color bible study, is there a book that you used, it sounds great. Have a wonderful week. Your bears are beary cute :)

  5. Well.....I think you did a great job. Maybe not on Sissie, leaving her sitting on a pumpkin like that was not the kindest thing..and while you can't play for two whole days in the craft might want to consider spending time making up for what you did. Sound good? :) Yeah..I thought so.. :)
    Sending you both and Mom a HUGE hug!

  6. hello friends,I have loved visiting your blog.
    Wishing you a happy day! You made mine! :<)


  7. Hi Sissy and Prudence, we're sorry, LT TOTALLY neglected us so she could finish some stupid competition (hey now, it was a new friend!) It was? Oh, well we haven't met yet. Anyway, we're baaaaaacccckkkk.

    Hope you're done your punishment already Prudence, 2 days is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggges.

    Hugs and sticky honey covered kisses

    Beech, Birch, Tupelo, Oakley, Maisey, Lilac and Lulu


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