Friday, June 17, 2011

Places In The Heart

It's Funny Friday
without "Miss Know It All"

I would like to introduce D.B. (Dumpster Bear) to you.  But since this is his story he would like to tell you all about it.
"Hi, I'm D.B. (we don't mention the dumpster part cause it makes me sad).  Mom doesn't know where or when my life began but we sure do know how I became part of this wonderful "hug".

It was a cold, rainy day in Hackettstown, NJ.  It was autumn and it had been raining on and off for a whole week.  Mom ran down to the A&P to get a few groceries before the heavy rains arrived.  She had her brand new, shiny Firebird Formula and she always parked in a safe, away from the other cars, area.  And so my story begins...
She parked and had to walk past the dumpster (fate) and there I was.  I was a mess, soaking wet, not so clean and very frightened and lonely.
Oh no, she walked right past me - but she did look at me, my heart sank.  Time passed....she wasn't going to come back and rescue me.  Wait - she was coming back, and she STOPPED and looked at me.  What happened next is something I hold close to my beary heart.  She picked me up - she carried me to her shiny new car and opened the truck (remember, I was beary dirty) and laid me on a soft towel, and I knew - I was going to be loved by a family.
We went home and I was cleaned, and cleaned some more, sprayed with something that smelled so good and placed on towels so I would dry.
She tied this lovely ribbon around my neck and gave me my beary first "family hug".  I was home....
I sit proudly with The Hug, all of them - Steiff, artist bears, rescue bears and I know I am loved just as much as all the others, even a little bit more  (cause of my beginnings).
We talked about how I got on that dumpster and she thinks I may have been dropped by a child and left behind.  Maybe somebeary found me and put me on top of that dumpster thinking they would come back and find me.  I am so glad they didn't.
I hope you enjoyed my story, and I know that you don't have to be perfect, or look beautiful to be loved.  Love isn't blind - it's LOVE TRUE, deep in the heart, LOVE."


From Mom:  "I have heard from Prudence & Sissy and they are having a wonderful time at Camp Good Bear.  They have made many new friends and promised to send pictures soon."
The Welcome Corner

 PEAS Corner

Welcome.  Thank you for joining us. What a wonderful Blog to visit, it is quaint, charming and so full of fun readings.  Drop by, I know Pea would love to meet you.

Thank you, Pea, and WELCOME.
Libelula Artes

Thank you, and WELCOME, Libelula.  We hope you enjoy the bear's silly stories and adventures.  Please stop by and welcome Libelula.


  1. Hi D.B. ! You're a lucky bear. Now you have a place in a lovely big family.
    We hope we can see photos from Prudence and Sissy soon, we want mom to see them, we want to visit a bear camp, too!
    Have a nice weekend
    Lot of love
    The Good Jujus

  2. What a sweet story,so glad DB is rescued!
    Oh and say hi to Prudence & Sissy,I start missing them...

    Big hugs,Leny

  3. Hallo DB, was für eine wunderschöne Geschichte. Du bist ein sehr schönes Bärchen. Liebe Grüße an Mom und wir sind auf die Bildet von Prudence und Sissy gespannt.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  4. yes I enjoyed this story!! You are a lovely bear D.B.!
    have a great and sunny weekend

  5. I'm so happy for you that you were rescued and taken in by such a loving family. I would have done the same if I'd found you as you seem to be a fine upstanding bear.
    Hugs to the clan, Maddyrose

  6. Awwwww D.B. I have tears in my eyes from reading your story, you certainly are very blessed to have found such a loving home:-) All bears should be loved and given a chance, no matter how ragged or dirty they are. Wish I could hug you myself:-)

    Thank you for the warm welcome, I've been wanting to come by all week but never found the I'm playing hooky and doing what I love best, visiting my dear bloggy friends:-) xoxo

  7. Hi Alicia - the girls will be sending pictures this week.

    Hi Leny - Prudence & Sissy are missing you all too.

    Hi Astrid - thank you, have a wonderful day.

    Hi Maddyrose - yes, he is a very sweet bear.

    Hi PEA - you are welcome. Yes. DB is a very happy little guy with his new "hug".

    I wish you all a happy weekend. I did a group respond, we have company from back home and a doggy guest. Three pups, four humans, needless to say there is a LOT of activity here. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  8. Wonderful story and the best kind of rescue, D.B. Families are best, especially the Bear kind. I mentioned you on my Funny Friday post.

  9. Hi Wil,

    Prudence & Sissy will be so excited that you have joined us.

    Happy Weekend little bear.....


  10. Oh wow DB, the whole hug here at LT's mum and dad's were so glad to hear of your rescue, they're shivering just thinking of the trauma you might have been through!

  11. AWWWW, what a sweet story dear db.....tell m and p hello and have a cheerful day. Hugs, Kim

  12. Hello dear friends,

    the story of D.B. is very touching.
    I am happy that he has found a loving family who loves him.
    This story reminds me of the movie Toy Story, is not it? So beautiful!
    Oh, how are Prudence and Sissy??
    Have a funny weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  13. Hi Clan & Jack - don't shiver, it's all in the past now. (o:

    Hi Kim - Happy Weekend from all of us.

    Chicco - Oh Chicco, we love you and your family. Prudence & Sissy are having a wonderful summer at camp.


  14. All's well that ends well ... nothing like a happy ending to a bear story!

  15. Dear friends, we love DB and his wonderful story. He will be welcome, he is a very cute and lucky bear. He found a big treasure: his new family.
    Libelula is our friend too, she is a such sweet creature!

  16. I'm so surprise, glad and honored with your welcome. I'll be there for see your stories!

  17. Hello my dear friends,
    How are you?
    This little bear was very lucky to find a sweet family as you.
    Have a sunny sunday with a lot of peace.
    Big hugs.

  18. Duendes,

    You are such treasured friends.

    Have a sunny Sunday.


  19. Hi Libelula,

    So glad you joined us.


  20. I really enjoyed your story and still have found a home we love you
    Go on the blog that I will have surprises for you
    Ronrons the "friend!"

  21. Hi Kika,

    Thank you for visiting, we will be dropping by to say hello too.


  22. What a Beautiful Post! Thanks for Sharing D. B.'s Story!

  23. Hi Tee,

    Thank you for stopping by, we love your visits.


  24. Hay,

    Your blog is amazing.
    I follow your blog.
    Please take a look into my world.


  25. Hi Marijke,

    Thank you for joining us. Well, the bears do get silly & sometimes into some serious trouble but we hope they will make you laugh.

    Thank you.


  26. I have a little bear that looks very much like you. I have had him so long that I don't even remember where he came from but he has always been the background. I think perhaps he was given to one of my babies when they were born..and now they are in their forties and you can see..
    I loved the story of how you came to be in your Mom's life.
    Seems each of us has a story...even bears.
    Love and hugs,

  27. Hi Mona,

    Yes, places in the heart. They are the most lovable bears.


  28. Sweet story! I have a friend who has a huge collection of bears...a whole room filled top to bottom. Her favorite is one bear she takes with her everywhere she goes..I think she would love your blog.

  29. Hi art2cee2,

    Thank you for stopping by. Please tell your friend that we would love to meet her.


  30. Oh, my goodness - I'm so glad you were rescued! What a sad/lovely story.

    Hope you're all well and having fun!

  31. Hi Monty & Rosie,

    Happy endings - that's what counts the most.

    Thank you for visiting. We are fine and having fun. (o:


  32. How SWEET! I love this story!! DB is adorable and I'm so glad you were there to rescue him!

  33. Hi Carrie,

    Yes, he is an important member of my collection.

    Hugs & happy weekend.


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