Friday, December 16, 2011

Poor Babies...

 It's Funny Friday
This "bee-u-tee-ful" ornament was sent to me by my good friends Henry and Heike.  Please drop in and see Henry's wonderful Christmas Blog
Henrys Welt
Henry and Heike thank you beary much, we LOVE our gift.

Yesterday me & Mom were downstairs and we heard the strangest sounds,  like something heavy being pushed, or dragged on the carpet.  We looked at each other, "huh" we said in unison.  Then we each took off, I went through the family room to the stairway, Mom took the short cut through the dining room and BANG.  Ouch, we crashed into each other.
She grabbed me up and ran upstairs and there our hearts started to melt.  Little Lulu & Flora are so "ascared" that somebody will take their wee tree that they won't come down and enjoy all the Christmas festivities.  And this is what we saw....

We had to stop for a moment, Mom was crying and couldn't see the view finder clearly but what happened next made both of us weep.
Flora was helping Lulu climb into their cradle.
and, they sleep....knowing their wee Christmas tree is close by...
Merry Christmas little sisters, Merry Christmas.

The wee ones are sound asleep and Mom put this taller Christmas tree next to their wee little cradle.  And I found the teddy tree topper that had been packed away a few years ago.

They will be so surprised when they wake up.  I love them so beary much! (Oh yeah,  this would be tree #9)  There's no stopping her and Dad said; "just let her go, what's one more tree?"

Heaps of Hugs
My Christmas ornie that M bought for me many years ago.  (o:

A big WELCOME to our newest friend Lena.
Lentochkynbl joy  Please drop by for a visit, Lena has a new Blog and is very excited to meet new friends.
It is exciting to see a new friend follow your Blog, I think we can all agree on that.
Thank you for joining our little teddy bear family.  You can drop in on Denise at
Denise's Delights in her Coffeeberry Cottage and enjoy your visit.


  1. Oh, dear Prudence, the babies are just the most darling little sisters. I'm teary eyed myself to think of the magic of Christmas in their little hearts. Wait until they wake up and see their 2nd tree! And your the beary best big sister there is. And Mom's the best!
    Welcome Lena and Denise. We will visit your blogs, welcome to our corner of blog land.
    Dear little Prudence, hang your beautiful and special ornament
    in a special place on your tree.
    Miss Susan

  2. Ahhhh so sweet to see them both in their cradle. Wanna join them and wake up under the Christmas tree. Must be wonderful. Merry Christmas to you too Prudence. Hugs, Thea xxxx

  3. Awww, the little sisters are just so sweet, I love the pic of them in their cradle surrounded by all the Christmas lovelies!

    Spike says 'Hi' Prudence, and he is so proud that you want to be his friend!

    Hugs, Nicki and Little Ted, xx

  4. What a lovely cradle!!Looks very nice and warm!

    Big hugs,

  5. Hi Everybeary,

    We're still in the big Christmas rush here at the North Pole. Lots and lots of stuff is happening and it's all fun stuff too but every now and then it's nice to slow down and visit with our friends.
    When we saw the babies in their cradle we smiled and then we looked again and saw the two Christmas trees and then Bellamine yelled for Mom to come look and we told her we need another tree in our room. We'll let you kow how that turns out.
    Merry Christmas every beary.
    Bellamine, Wendy & the NP clan

  6. How precious! Prudence you are such a beary good big sister. I can just imagine how thrilled the little ones will be when they see their wee little tree is there and also another bigger one to enjoy! What wonderful Christmas fun goes on at your house.

    Flora and Lulu's cradle is adorable. I can tell all the bears at your house are very loved.

    Prudence you are the sweetest bear I know and I think you are very deserving of your very own pretty ornament. I hope it hangs in a very special place on the tree.

    Yes, I think Dad is right! If you already have eight trees what's one more!! Or maybe four more to make an even dozen.:o)

    Hugs to all of you
    from me and my little
    zoo stuffed, and some not stuffed but oh so real in all of our hearts!


  7. Awwww Prudence, if I'd have been there, I would have been weeping as well...such a heartwarming scene you and mom saw!! I wish I could see their eyes light up when they wake up and see that extra tree, so beautiful. Merry Christmas to all of you, my loving furry friends:-) xoxo

  8. I love your new ornie, Prudence..and the wee ones are so sweet when they're sleeping and not getting into trouble...

  9. Awe...such a sweet post today...go visit me and meet Blue...a special bear I found at one of my favorite thrift that cute ornament. Blessings

  10. Aww, we had a little furry heart melting over here too (Jack says it was just wind though...) We hope they were suitably enchanted when they woke up in their tree wonderland. Prudence, your wee ornament is very posh, we hope it's hung in a safe place so that it doesn't get broken by over-enthusiastic canine friends!

  11. What a sweet story and great photos. I think you all will have a very beary Merry Christmas!


  12. What a cosy scene you have there. And that ornament is precious! Keep warm and stay cosy!

    Ali x

  13. I wish you a Merry Christmas and the new year become even more friends, are always in my heart
    Turrinhas fond's friend
    Beijinho of mami

  14. Ohhhh que berço delicioso....foi um grande esforço empurrar o berço por todo o corredor...mas deve ser muito bom dormir embaixo da arvore de Natal...beijos meus queridos amigos com voces si vive a magia do Natal....

  15. what a warm and lovely craddle and your story is full of phantasie as always!
    Merry Christmas to you dear Prudence

  16. Abigail Von Ingalls here! WELL..well...we have TWO trees! So there!!! And..and..who knows we ..wait. No..we have THREE trees! Two in the family room and my little one in the kitchen and of course that tiny baby tree. Can we count that one??
    I love you, Prudence!!
    Do you love me?
    Check yes X or no X :)

    P.S. I say Abigail VON because it sounds sort of classy.. :) Kinda regal? No? Aw well.....
    *toddles off sighing deeply*

  17. Mona, Abby's mom here.
    How sweet the tiny ones are. I know that Abby is very much attached to her little tree so I understand. All the Teddies in the cases watch her with her tree..and I try to understand that Abby is different. She is really very human more than bear.
    She will share her tree on Christmas Eve. She has promised.
    Honey, nuts and berries for everyone.
    Abby is still a baby so I have to be careful about teasing. I explained that I was only kidding..and that I only said wonderful things to Santa about her. She is sleeping peacefully with her blanky.
    Merry Christmas to all..

  18. Come out come out wherever you are! That ole "al-e-gate-or" is NOT real...just pretty lights! Did you see Santa? He IS real! Better be good! ♥♥♥

  19. Oh, look - I love this blog so much!

    Feel all teary-eyed myself now, too. It's Christmas that does it - the slightest thing and I can't see where I'm going...

  20. Oh what a beautiful gift, indeed!!! And I see that all of your "bear kids" are busy as can be!!!

    Thank you for being an inspiration, not only on your blog, but with your amazing Pick Me Ups that I read every single day!!!

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  21. My Christmas wish for you, my friend
    Is not a simple one
    For I wish you hope and joy and peace
    Days filled with warmth and sun

    I wish you love and friendship too
    Throughout the coming year
    Lots of laughter and happiness
    To fill your world with cheer

    May you count your blessings, one by one
    And when totaled by the lot
    May you find all you've been given
    To be more than what you sought

    May your journeys be short, your burdens light
    May your spirit never grow old
    May all your clouds have silver linings
    And your rainbows pots of gold

    I wish this all and so much more
    May all your dreams come true
    May you have a Merry Christmas friend
    And a happy New Year, too .. xoxo

  22. Oh how I found myself glued to the screen readin' the capers of your little fuzzy friends. As ya know I so have a very soft spot for 'em.

    I haven't ever counted but I'm sure your little nappers have some country cousins here on the Ponderosa.

    God bless you sweetie and have yourself a bright and beautiful Christmas filled with warm fuzzies!!! :o)


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