Friday, February 10, 2012

Camp Good Bear

It's Funny Friday
As you can see, I take after my Mom, I am left-pawed.
Yesterday the mailman had a special delivery envelopie thingy for me - it was addressed to MISS PRUDENCE CLEARWATER, and it was from Camp Good Bear.

I have been invited back and the mostest exciting part is that I am going to be a Bearselor for Arts & Crafts.  They had talked to Mom about this last year when we left but nothing was ever mentioned until now.

So I am busy filling out the applications and bearcause I will be teaching A&C Mom doesn't pay the fee for camp. The form says that there will be 2 classes a week.  And this year camp won't be 10 weeks - there were so many homesick bears that it will only be 6 weeks, so I won't be leaving till the beginning of July.

Last year while I was away LuLu & Flora posted on Fridays, but now that I am a bearselor I can bring my own laptop.
Mom, can I please take yours?
Of course, Sweetheart.
Super, now I can still post my "Funny Friday".
Mom, you okay?  Your sniffling.
Oh, Honey, just thinking about 6 weeks without's okay.  I want you to go and have a wonderful time.
I know Mom, I'm gonna miss you to pieces too.

Lulu, are you gonna miss Prudence?
Me either, but what are we gonna  do?
Well, maybe we should just hang 'round and annoy Mom!
SUPER idea, LuLu!

Meet Grapesee

 "Grapesee" is our newest Primitive Cookie Cutter Baby.  She's a little  bunny who loves glitter and wanted to have "sparkle" on her ears.  This is my first baby with rusted nails for feet, giving her a more "primmie" look.  Hope you like her. (She does have a bunny cotton tail too, of course!)
 My Shabby Chateau

WELCOME Donna.  Thank you for joining our little teddy bear family.  Hope we can make you giggle with our funny stories and adventurers.  WELCOME.  THANK YOU.

Doumarh Bears and Dolls
Marge, WELCOME and thank you for joining us.  The teddy bears are so pleased to have you as their new friend. THANK YOU.


  1. Prudence we think you will be such a great bearselor. I bet you will have lots of fun too.:o)
    Grapesee is so cute. Mama said the color reminds her of her favorite soda pop when she was a little girl. Delaware Punch. she said she can taste it now!

    Hugs from
    Sissy Bear
    Sweet Pea

  2. Ohhh como estou orgulhosa de voce Prudence !!entendo sua mamae ficar sem voce sera muito dificil tambem para nos...Muitos beijos a toda essa adoravel familia .

  3. Ohhhh I'm a little clumsy now but I mean Grapesee is wonderful and I love its color...big big hugs.

  4. Welcome Donna and Marge!
    Prudence, what am I going to do if you don't post for six weeks! I'll have Bear Withdrawal!!
    I love the new cookie cutter baby bunny. Where did you get that beautiful grape mohair?
    Hi, Lulu Hi, Flora
    Miss Susan
    p.s. did you get your Valentine?

  5. Oh wow!!! Good for you Prudence!!!

    Ofcourse you gonna miss Mom,but hee 6 weeks is not that long!!

    Love the new baby,and little once...don't annoy Mom!!!

    Happy Friday!!! Hugs

  6. Dear Prudence, I'm so glad you can post from the camp. I would hate to not hear from you. Will I be able to send messages to you?
    Goodness knows what those two tin lids will get up to.

  7. My goodness, a camp counsellor, what fun! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Happy Friday!

  8. Who's a beary lucky girl then Prudence? But we think Flora and Lulu ought to get to go too now that they're bigger, then they wouldn't bug mum...


    The Clan and Jack

  9. Hi Prudence,

    We're glad you're not going to have to give up blogging while you're at camp. We would miss you too much if we didn't hear from you for 6 long weeks. Are LuLu & Flora ever going to be able to go to camp? I know they can be little pests but maybe camp would help them become better behaved little girls. Just sayin....

    We adore the little purple bunny. she's so sweet.

    Have a happy Valentine's Day.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. Oh, I remember how long you were away last year and how I missed your posts...I'm so happy you'll be able to post while you're away....
    Hope you come to the party.

  11. Hiya Prudence, we're so beary proud of you that you'll be a bearselor at that camp this year!! We wish we could join you, I bet you could teach us a lot about arts and crafts...and how not to get glue on everything!!! Mama Pea is still trying to get the glue off our fur. Ouch! We're sure glad your mom is letting you bring her laptop when you're gone cuz we would sure miss hearing from you. They won't admit it but I bet Lulu & Flora will miss you too!! Oh and Mama Pea says to tell you she thinks Grapesee is so cute:-)

    We'll see ya at Wil's tea party!! Beary big hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxo

  12. Aww that camp must be great.Glad you can keep us updated while you are at camp!!! How wonderful. Oh and tell your mummy that 2 million email accounts in Holland are hacked and therefore I'm not able to reply to her mail, until further notice..... Heaps of hugs, Thea xoxo

  13. Woohoo, all grown up with your own computer. Congratulations!!!

    I'm sure that Mom will be lost without ya for six whole weeks.

    God bless and have a beary wonderful weekend!!! :o)

  14. I am coming to camp so I can do the crafts. PLEASE!

    Carol mouse

  15. Dear Prudence,
    Thank you so much for the warm welcome (I am blushing now!). I know that you will have a wonderful time at camp! Forget about the crafts, just think of all the s'mores you will get to eat, yum!

  16. Wow Prudence you are sure moving up in the world ... a bearselor no less. What a wonderful time you will have at camp this year, teaching others can be so much fun. Fancy Mum giving you the laptop, she must be mellowing in her young age ... tee hee!

  17. Oh how precious, Joyce!!! Your posts are always so totally adorable! and welcome to Donna...She is one of my super-good friends too!!

  18. Oh my it time for Bear Camp again? Where has the time gone? I wonder what will happen in camp this year.
    Actually, I am pretty sick and tired of sitting in this little wicker rocking chair in the living room and by the way. Mom has my pretty collar back on me :) I without those blasted bloomers!

  19. Olá amiguinhos queridos...
    Tudo bem? Passei para dizer que está tendo festa em meu blog...
    Completamos 500 amiguinhos...
    OBA!!! E claro que vocês fazem parte desta conquista e quero convidá-los para ir em meu blog comer um pedaço de "bolo".
    Estamos muito felizes e queremos dividir isto com todos nossos amiguinhos.
    Ótima semana e fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus da amiguinha do Brasil ...


  20. I hope all of you sweet little bears get hugs and kisses...and chocolate today! Happy Valentine's day! ♥♥♥

  21. Dear Prudence,Happy Valentine Sweets.Thank you for visiting me.I'm so happy for you this summer going to camp.How wonderful,6 weeks of arts and you-Hugs-Auntie Denise

  22. Hello dear friends!!!
    Happy Valentine's day.
    I'm so proud of you Prudence, I'm happy that you go to the camp!
    Have a great day.

    Woof, woof,


  23. Feliz dia dos amigos
    Ronrons da amiga

  24. 'Just poppin' by to see if ya had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

    Hope so!!!

  25. I love your blog,sooo beautiful photos!


Thank you for writing, I love to receive mail and comments on my posts. Thank you for dropping by and have a most blessed day. Hugs, Prudence