Friday, June 14, 2013

Camp Good Bear

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence


Greetings Bearents and Cubs;

It’s time to begin planning for our 3rd annual Camp Good Bear Summer Camp.  This year we have some exciting activities planned for our furry little ones, including the Big Race which has caused quite a buzz here.  The cubs had so much fun last year with the girls vs. boys canoe race, and our Bearcelors wanted to get in on the fun so we are planning the event of the summer, the race to end all races – The Tube Race.

Yes, it will be quite a fun event with the cubs vs. our Bearcelors rubber tubing down Big Bear Lake.  It will be a day filled with fun and activities, a picnic, watermelon eating contest (rumor has it that the Bearcelors will be in on this contest too), swimming, an arts and crafts project and ICE CREAM CONES.  This is what we have planned for Bearents Day.

All our cubs who attended camp last year have been invited back and their bearents have pre-registered them, only new cubs need to fill out the application.

So mark your calendars:

July 13 – arrival day
August 17 – departing day
Bearents Weekend -  July 27

On arrival day our Bearcelors and Jr. Bearcelors will be helping everybear with finding their cabin.  We have arranged everybear to be in the same cabin as last year, although there will be a sign up sheet if anybear would like to change cabins and bunk buddies.

All of us here at Camp Good Bear are excited and looking forward to another fun filled summer camp.

Beary sincerely yours,

Gloria Grizzly
Brenda Black Bear



  1. I wonder who has the biggest belly, that can fit the most watermelon in.... Mine is verrry big... and I love watermelon. I am in training already. Especially for the tube race.
    I will look after every bear, so don't be afraid to leave your Mum's we will have a time you will never forget.

    I'm off to do another lap around the block and then some muscle building so I can wind in the big fish we will catch.
    Can't wait to see you Prudence.

  2. We are counting the sleeps till camp starts. Sweet Pea is very proud that he will be Junior Bearselor this year.


  3. It sure sounds like fun...for bears! We dollies feel a little left out but maybe you'll send us a letter from camp! Dollie hugs, Wendy

  4. sounds like you're in for a beary good time Prudence.


  5. I´m sure it will be very nice at the camp ;o)
    Have a nice time


  6. Boas ferias meus queridos amigos.Muito divertimento para voces.

  7. Be sure to add sunscreen to your list, even though you bears are furry, you can still get burnt! Have fun, don't forget to write:)


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