Friday, June 21, 2013

Hold her accountable....

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Mom needs you.....Hi, Everybear....
I'll be going off to camp shortly and I need your help.  Mom has had this monkey head done for about 2, yes 2 years and there he sits.  You see, she wanted to make another monkey and decided that if she can get the head right the body would fall into place.  WRONG!  His head went zip, zip fast, so she began the body, not a problem, but she is hung up on the monkey feet, and she just stopped.  I mean, 2 YEARS...."Mom, what's with you?"  She has little monkey feet all over the place, and just when she thinks she's "got it", SLAM, into the sewing basket he goes.
PLEASE, nag her about his progress, PLEASE?  When I get back from camp I want to see this little guy finished.  He is suppose to be in Miss Carol & Mom's online craft show in November.  It will be their second annual show, and they call it BUTTERMILK & BEARS (Miss Carol is over at
Buttermilk Creek Farm and of course Mom is here on my Blog).

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Heaps of Hugs



  1. You can do it!! Yes you can! The monkey's head is so cute! Maybe you made so many feet that now it's like trying to choose the right wallpaper which drives mama crazy!

    We will look forward to the monkey getting his feet. Then he can climb and jump from tree limb to tree limb!

    Hugs from your friends
    at Honeypot Lane

  2. Oh yes that little monkey should be finished... :)

    Happy Weekend my sweet Friends!!


  3. Oh dear... we all have things in our baskets that should be finished. Prudence just tell Mum to remember monkeys have thumbs on their feet. Problems I can see....
    Hugs Kay

  4. Maybe you should stay home from camp and help your Mom finish the monkey. :)


  5. Que macaco adoravél sim queremos vê-lo concluido.....Aqui tem feito muito calor talvez ahi esteja assim e mamãe esta um pouco desanimada....beijos e bençãos para meus queridos amigos.

  6. Yes,mom that monkey must have a body..quick :) Blessings

  7. Ok Prudence,
    tell your mom to quit monkeying around and finish the poor little guy, already! Monkey see, monkey do....:)

  8. Oh man, she's as bad as LT! She's had a poor wee panda girl in pieces since she went on holiday 2 years ago too! She took her again this year, but she STILL didn't finish her. We think they both need to be sent to the corner to think about their actions and work on those poor wee critters!


    The Clan & Jack


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