Friday, August 9, 2013

We had so much fun...

It's Funny Friday
by Toby, Tony & Daisy Mae

Hi Everybear.
Boy, did we have fun at Prudence's camp.  There was so much to see, but first let us explain about Daisy Mae.
Dad had just parked the car and we saw Prudence and Wilbur running toward us.  Somehow Daisy got the door opened and out she flew,  "When Pigs Fly" hahahahahaha.  She hit Prudence full force which caught her off balance and down they went.

  Wilbur was close enough to get knocked off his paws by those two falling.  And then it happened, "the three bears" (well, 2 bears and a piggy) began rolling on the grass, laughing so hard we couldn't understand what they were screaming.  Daisy had Prudence in a muzzle lock and just kept kissing her and kissing her and then.......what happened  next was the talk of the camp.  Oh my bear......Daisy jumped up and Prudence & Wilbur were trying to follow but somehow they got tangled in bear limbs and
we mean was that a KISS, like lips to lips?  Did they exchange cooties?

"What Mom?"
Oh, we have to go and have our lunch, see ya.....

Baby Hugs
Toby, Tony & Daisy Mae

"Hey you two, aren't you gonna finish the story?"
"No Daisy, lunch is ready." 

The Reading Tree ©
by ginger
I am so excited to show you Arthur, reading under The Reading Tree. (To read the story about this magical and enchanting  tree please visit )
(July 29 post "They said it was a myth")
Ginger was so thoughtful, she printed out the story and sent it along with The Reading Tree.  Thank you, Ginger.
Please, if you see one of Ginger's newest creations contact her immediately and ask if it is available for adoption. 

Country in the City
WELCOME Ali, thank you for joining our growing little family.


  1. Dear Prudence,
    I'm so happy you are at Camp Good Bear again this year. What's this? You and Wilbur kissed?
    Well, it's about time!
    Miss Susan

  2. Ahh, so you're the lucky new keepers of the reading tree, we hope you keep it well nourished!

    As for the kiss, ewww, stinky!


    The Clan & Jack

  3. Love is in the air!! Now if I know my Blossom she will a little jealous. :o)


  4. You guys are just having too much fun at camp! Bet your parents miss you all way too much!

  5. Ut oh is there a romance blooming here????


  6. Sweet friends,
    Belissimas fotos e Arthur é tao bonito na sua magica arvore...Beijos sabor de mel.


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