Friday, August 16, 2013

Coming home...

It's Funny Friday
The Mom

We are leaving in a few minutes to bring Prudence home from camp.  I know the bears have mixed emotions, saying goodbye to friends vs. going home to their families.  They all have decided that they will write to each other until next year.  The little ones here are so excited, they are all packed in the SUV calling to me to "hurry up Mom".  So cute.
We will spend the night half way up to camp and have some fun.  We promised  they can have a burger at Brown Bear Burgers, I just have to figure out how to explain that we can't take one for Prudence.  I guess we will have to stop on the way home for another round.
I know Prudence will have many stories to tell you, so I will say.....
Until next time, hugs and have a wonderful weekend with an abundance of love and smiles, and thank you for dropping in.
"Are we there yet?"
"I want to look out the window."
"Toby, stop touching me."
"Mom, Tony's feet smell."
"Somebeary made a stinky."
"When are we stopping at Brown Bear Burgers?"
"I'm hungry."
"I want Grizzly Fries!"

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Prudence wants me to tell you that she and Wilbur  say "no comment".  Whatever that means?  All they admit to is that Prudence is "ascared" of snakes, yes very frightened.
Pop over and visit Miss Granny and read Wilbur's letter from camp, their address is
Kays Kids and Friends


  1. Have a fun time at camp! Hope you bears all settle down!
    I wish I could try Grizzly fries!

  2. All you little Tin Lids (kids) on the back seat look so cute. No fighting in the back seat!!!! Play I spy with my little eye some that starts with B.... (Bear of course). I bet you are so excited to see Prudence.
    I can't wait for Wilbur to come home, he will take a little longer because he has a big plane ride before he gets home. I'm sure there will be lots of tales to listen to.

  3. Camp is over already! Time flew by. It's going to be lots of good stories especially with a little bit of cub love to hear about! Enjoy those bear burgers!

  4. Hmmm ... that delights burger sweet friends I love stories .... Have a weekend full of happiness.
    Kisses Duendes.

  5. Are you nearly there yet? :oD


    The Clan & Jack

  6. Ooooh little Prudence, it was a joy to read your post today. Hope you and all the fella bearsies have arrived save at home. Did you finally get a Burger?

    Sending huge bunches of bearhugs, candy kisses and sweet weekend wishes your way!
    Biene & the rascalz

  7. Something tells me that you kids are all back seat drivers. Be sure to tell your mom to stop for some peanut-bear-ter shakes on the way to camp!!

  8. I hope you enjoyed camp had a safe trip home Prudence Wilbur is grumbling about ducks sabotaging a race .....


  9. Dear friends!!!!
    I missed you so much!!
    Sorry my long absence but now i'm back!!!! Finally!
    So happy that Prudence had so much fun at the Camp!
    Love you.
    Woof, woof,



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