Friday, March 20, 2015


It's Funny  Friday
by Prudence

Hi Everyone
I am so embarrassed that I can hardly do this post, but Mom wants me to show you so that LuLu and Flora will be em-bear-assed, yeah, bear a_ _ ed.
Their take on (I can hardy even say this) Going Commando.

I think Mom has been pushed far enough with some of those telly commericals.  I mean, what happened to the simple ads, like (okay) bath tissue.  The one with the bears is sorta cute, the early ones weren't graphic, at least we didn't think so.  When did it all go screwy?  I mean, give me a break, we all know about bath tissue, it's been around for hundreds of years?  Yes?  And underwear, we all wear it (well, we bears don't but humans do) it's a fact - you guys wear underwear.  But, oh, NOW it's all different.  You can go "COMMANDO".  Okay, if that's what tickles your fancy so be it - but keep it to yourself.  And good grief, don't make a telly commerical about it!
Good night, I said what was on my mind....goodbye,

Heaps of Hugs

I'll end my post with this "do you know what's in your wallet?  But today we can say "do you know where your underwear is, don't leave home without it"
Mom posted a tutorial over on our Crafty Corner page to make this little "Chick Mobile" (I named it)
Coming to our Etsy Shop shortly
Bunny Blue


  1. Oh Prudence, you and mom have the patience of Job with those two. They better start appreciating it too, cause not everyone would put up with their antics :)

  2. Oh my those bears are almost unbearable or should that be 'bare-able'!!!
    what a cute little trailer craft tutorial! I think i could do that!

  3. What will those to think of next! Those bare bottoms are pretty cute though.

    Sissy bear

  4. LOL! You're too funny and I have to agree, keep it to yourself :)


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