Friday, April 24, 2015

A New Author

It's Fly Over Friday
by Vlad

Hello to all, it's me, Vlad Vincent Vulture.

 Those bears are out of control so I took LuLu and Flora and held them over the railing on the porch (a mere 30' above the backyard) they promised never to be mean and nasty again (like I believe them).

So, life of a Vulture living with a human family, tis VERY interesting indeed.  I can't:
fly in the dining room
poop on the floors
walk on the kitchen counter
eat bunnies, birdies, squirrels, mousers, chipmunks, wild turkeys, gee, you could say life here is boring, but it isn't because:

Prudence is my sister
I have Molly Brown and Jessie (my two cuddly pups)
Mom who makes sure I am happy and get my Vulture exercise
I have a great craft room to hang in
Learning to be a vulturetarian (the things I do for Mom)
Sneak in a good poop on the floor when nobody is looking
Watch the Wild Turkeys walk by the front door
Love the snow
Live on the Lane

Yes, I am one happy bird Raptor and love living here.  You see, I am quite special because I wasn't born into the family, I was chosen and adopted.  My birth mother is the beautiful and oh so very talented Miss Wendy over at
Ravenwood Whimzies Primitves and Folk Art
and there is more to my beginnings, I was named "Vlad" by Maria, Miss Wendy's creative DIL.  You can say that this lucky ducky (don't get carried away, Vlad) um, Raptor has two families.

It's time to exercise my wings, maybe a fly-over on the porch and to wish you all a very nice weekend.  Maybe you will see one of my Kin out and about, or not.


Oh, I was asked to show you Mom's latest little animal, Miss Bacon.  She is a little pull toy, a little bit prim and a whole lotta cuteness.
Miss B is available in our  Mom's Etsy Shop at

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