Friday, July 17, 2015

Camp Good Bear 2015

It's Funny Friday
 Camp Good Bear
Hi Everybeary.
Guess who was waiting for me by "our" big oak tree?  WILBUR.

Oh my mohair, we just hugged and giggled and hugged some more.
 Then Wilbur put on his bathers (in the boys cabin of course) and we went fishin'.
I don't like the slimy fish, and Wilbur is very sensitive about that and never teases me.  But tonight we will have his "catch of the day" cooked on the campfire.  Everybeary (including the Bearcelors) is waiting for supper.  Thank you, Wilbur.



  1. what a lovely blogspot! i saw you thrue other bloggers..thanks for sharing!

  2. Always enjoy the bear adventures. So creative and fun!!
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Have a blessed week.
    Hugs, cm


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