Friday, July 31, 2015

Camp Good Bear Pictures 2015

It's Friday Camp News
by Prudence
Hi Everybeary.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.  We are having a great time at Camp Good Bear, it's so much fun to see camp friends and catch up on stories.
This is Edward, it's his first year at camp and he is so shy.  It's okay, we accept each other just the way we are, and when Edward is ready he will let us take his picture.
On the other hand, the Black Twins are always up to mischief, if not climbing trees they are jumping out from behind one and scaring us.  It's so much fun and most times we pretend that we are scared, it makes them growl with laughter.
This is Gloria Grizzly, she is the Head Bearscelor and keeps everything running smoothly.  Most of the time she is in the office but she loves to come and see what activities we are involved in, her very favorite is honey collecting.  Actually, we never collect much to bring back to camp, but you should see our paws - one BIG sticky mess.  Giggle (that's all I'm sayin').

See you soon.
and...I couldn't end without a picture of Wilbur
He is giving his talk on safety when we are boating on the lake.


  1. Looks like every bear is having a beard good time! Love seeing Gloria and Wilbur is doing a good job!


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