Friday, January 22, 2016

Anyone here?

It's "Friday Is For The Birds"
a/k/a/"Snowy Friday" 
Early this morning.
Hi Guys.  It's me, Vlad.  I'm the only one not in a time out so I'll try to entertain you.

Um....I don't know what to do?



Whew....thought I had lost you....I have something to write about, Mom's new storage space.  Dad decided to go up into the  attic to check on installing the vent hood when they redid the kitchen.  Well, boys will be boys and he went crawling around and came to our craft room - well, surprise, surprise, there was a very large HUGE storage area behind the the wall.  Dad told Mom and asked if she would like more storage in her ALREADY big craft room.
So, as Prudence always says
"I'll show you with pictures"
 Dad wanted to make sure about what he was doing (no hidden surprises) so he taped off a small area of wall and opened it up........yippee, no surprises.'s snowing, snowing, snowing.  Big storm up here in the mountains.  Yippee.

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  1. What!A hidden storage room or space? In the attic? What a fun surprise,if I understand You.I already read the post twice,just to make sure.Hugs Auntie Denise


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