Friday, January 15, 2016

LuLu & Flora

It's Furunny Frysday
by Lulu and Flora

"LuLu, how do you spell the day after Thursday?"
"I don't know, stupid.  Look it up in the dictionary."
"How can I look it up if I don't know how to spell it, goofy face?"

"Let's just not post and wait for Miss Prissy Pants to get outta time out?"
"Good idea, dizball!"

Happy day after Thursday and day before Saturday everybeary. 

Lulu and Flora

"I want my name first!"
"Give it up - it isn't  happening!"



  1. I see some snow in the background! maybe you'll get 'more' this weekend. It's a cool rain...60s to wake up to! Y'all be GOOD! Hugs, Diane and Wendy

  2. You two need to stop with the name calling! We had a little snow today but not enough to build a snowman!

  3. Sounds like the kids are acting up!!
    Always fun to visit. Have a great week. xo


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