Friday, February 19, 2016

A Valentine from Wilbur

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

I kiss my card every night just before going to bed.

Oh my mohair, guess what came in the mail last Saturday?  The most bee-u-tee-ful Valentine's Day card from my sweet Wilbur.  My paws were shaking as I opened the envelope.  The card says "Guess who loves you?"  My heart was pounding and I got the hiccups (I always do when I am excited and surprised).  

Wilbur and I have known each other for many years.  Each summer we go to Camp Good Bear and it's always so exciting when I see him standing waiting for me, so handsome, so tanned from the Australia sun, at our big old oak tree.  We have shared our funny stories, take pictures of all our friends, go swimming but I won't go fishing with him.  You see, I'm scared of fish - really.  I think I got that from Mom.

To meet Wilbur here is his address, please tell him that you are a friend of mine.
Just looking at Wilbur's picture makes me weak in my knees.  Isn't he the most handsome teddy bear you have ever seen?  Oh, be still my heart........
Silly Wilbur made me laugh so hard, he was teaching arts and crafts at camp and stuck all those stickers on his face.
We were having a boys vs girls boat race on Lake Big Bear, this is Wilbur building their boat.  They almost won, but at the last minute it was called a tie.
Now you know why I love him so much. ♥♥♥

The Ornament Girls
Our February ornament from
Tis a wonderful club, each month we make a wonderful ornament.  Staci sends us the E-Book instructions and shortly after receiving it we are mailed our kit of the month.  Staci is a fantastic instructor and she has formed a very unique club of talented, fun loving, supportive, and inspiring woman.  Our next ornament is breathtaking, to say the least.  Please drop by and learn more about Staci and The Ornament Girls.



  1. Dear Prudence what a wonderful Valentine! Wilbur is just so handsome! A keeper for sure!
    Love the ornament!

  2. Oh Prudence ,you and Wilbur are meant for each other.❤️❤️
    Remember when Blossom tried her best to win Wilburs affection! All she really wanted was Wilburs shoes!
    Sissy Bear❤️

  3. Thanks for sharing your love, Prudence. We can never see too much love! Happy weekend.


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