Friday, February 26, 2016

We'll be right back....

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Hi dear friends.  Every now and then it's time for a breather, it's the "now" time.  We have been working on several projects, both large and small.  By small I mean Mom has taken to working on miniatures again, she is finishing up a "Lady's Hat Shop" room box, and it is turning out bee-u-tee-ful.  
Next it was wallpapering, laying flooring, painting and installing baseboard and crown molding.
And of course our craft room is now done and we are just arranging things, more workable - that is the "large" part.   
On March 7 Mr. Scott (contractor) will be here bright and early to gut M&D's bathroom.  It's not pretty, it is nasty and ugly, it gets worse but I'm not allowed to talk about it since it's going to be history in a few short days, and it has caused Mom bunches of stress.  Well, let the sledge hammer strike.
For now we are keeping Mom busy with miniatures and enjoying our new craft room,  that makes her smile.
So, we will just take a breather and come back with lots of funny stories - Mom? Construction? Mr. Scott here for 12 days?  Oh, trust me, there will be plenty, bunches, oodles of funny stories.
Next week I will show you the craft room finish.
 Thank you for always visiting with us on Friday's.  We love seeing you and hearing about how you are and what you are doing.  And please forgive me for not posting something interesting today.

I love you.
Heaps of Hugs


  1. Good luck with the renovations! Looking forward to seeing small and large things once completed.

  2. I hope you get lots of things done and have some fun along the way too! Hugs from all the dollies and bears in Florida!

  3. "Lady's Hat Shop" sounds like something special. It will touch every woman heart :)


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