Friday, March 4, 2016

Craft Room

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence & Missy

Okay, guys, we're cutting right to the chase.....
"Prudence, what does that mean?"
I'll explain later, Missy.

What you are about to see is real, and I am not pulling your mohair, that room had beige walls, and grey woodwork, yes, I said GREY.  Mom called it......oops, can't say that!
New color on top, the "beige" original color below

It all started here...the secret storage closet.

Before and After - secret storage closet

This is where I run the household finances, take care of my business, and I do my Bible study/devotions at my desk.

Okay, okay, this sure doesn't look like a working craft room, you say.  Now for the working end....
Be warned - messy!
Well, to be purr-fectly honest, I did straighten up my work table, I am working on a 1/4" scale room box, it will be a dining room when I am finished.
This is the closet, I have two dressers that I use for when I need to spread out with a large project, I usually work on miniatures and room boxes there. On the other side I have shelves for fabric, teddy bear hardware, all kinds of things.

 Okay guys, that's the $0.50 tour, hope you enjoyed visiting, we certainly loved having you drop in.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence & Missy


  1. Hello Prudence & Missy & congrats on a job well done! That is just a sweet space for all your crafting! Lovely & cozy at night too!
    Happy Friday!

  2. love the room redo :) and the added storage closet I am jealous of. everything is looking wonderful :)

  3. This looks like a lovely little retreat area to create in. I'm still trying to get my little area done as well.......slow and steady I'm told wins the race ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. How nice to have a big beautiful room to set up for all the things you need...and want to do! The new color cheered things up! Enjoy your day sweet friends, Diane and Wendy

  5. How fun! Lots of creating to be done...♡ hugs to da bears and pat-pats for the pups. Oh, and Mommie can pour herself a cup-o-tea.

  6. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make things better! Enjoy!


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